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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  July 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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search. and belly bombs. a new tactic that al-qaedaed may be considering to
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it. happened so fast. a lot couldn't even get to their life jackets. >> new hope tonight for the family members of seven tourists missing in the sea of cortez. >> the mexican government agreed to extend the search. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. the families of the missing men called on politicians to keep the pressure on mexican authorities and that strategy appears to have worked. >> at the same time, family members are distri distributine posters featuring four of these missing men. >> the seven missing were onboard a fishing boat when it sank at 2:30 sunday morning in the sea of cortez. more than 40 people were onboard at the time.
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the navy and coast guard have searched 1100 square miles. coast guard c 130 aircraft is heading south from sacramento again tomorrow. >> the mexican embassy says there never was a decision to sus pend the search operation. though calling it off at 96 hours is standard operating procedure for the mexican navy. >> we are evaluating the situation regularly so so far the operation will continue. >> this morning, families of the missing men were devastated that the search might be called off and started contacting poll sixepolitician is for help. state senator yi says there is ample evidence of survival past 96 hours in the sea of cortez and the mexican consultate promised him that the search would continue. >> there should be a tremendous chance of opportunity to survive past the 96 hours. so that is how we were able to get them to continue the search. >> reporter: missing
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fisherman's don lee's brother victor says this is the men's third trip white truffle the the first but >> he was on the top deck and heard some noise and saw the big wave coming and ran down to the cabin and woke everybody up. and by the time everybody came out they were already in 9 feet of water. >> reporter: the lee and lion families set up a home based phone bank and networking center. they are desperate for any one with information to help with the search. they say they are getting conflicting information through official channels. >> we keep getting conflicting reports and co conflicting information and when we get the good news it's great and when we get the bad news we prepare but it has been a rollercoaster. >> reporter: yi says he has a meeting tomorrow with the mexican consultate to firm up search agreements and commitments.
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in the newsroom, heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. in east palo alto tonight, the chief of police is asking for help from a very specific community. help he says he needs to fulfill a promise to break the backs of two gangs in his city. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> my brother's group, you know. >> reporter: would you have ever told on them? >> no. >> reporter: this is the type of information east palo alto police want and tonight the police chief tried to convince the city's latino commune toit work with him. >> i'm here to hopefully address the fears. >> reporter: the chief has vowed to shut down gang activity in east palo alto. the promise stems from the gang violence that killed baby isaac last month. earlier today the chief called together local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to put pressure on known gang members. the multitiered approach
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involves intervention and preveption. now, the chief wants this community's support. >> love your kids. take care of them and make sure they are not being recruited by the gangs. report crime as they see it. >> reporter: but for many tradition and a known code of silence are hard habits to break. this woman says there is fear of retail yaition. retailiation. a friend told her if he talked to police he knew he would be a dead man. she says if you don't offer protection to undocumented people how are we going to communicate with you. >> our policy the police department and the city is that we don't partner with i.c.e. for the purpose of deportation. >> pastor gonzalez helps latino gang members leave the life. he is skeptical the community will rally behind law enforcement. >> it is getting people involved that have been through those lifestyles to help those in those lifestyles get them out and show them a different way of life.
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>> reporter: the chief insists he is doing that but change starts with trust. in east palo alto, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. a federal court of appeals in san francisco today ordered the government to stop enforcing its controversial don't ask don't tell policy tbens gays in the military. president obama signed a repeal of the policy into law last december but has been on the books while the pentagon prepares to certify that it has welcomed gays in the military. she believes today's court order sends a message to the defense department to get moving. >> it is always gratifying when the courts see the injus is tis the law and that is treats americans differently and it is unconstitutional. >> the pentagon says certification be is just weeks away. it has agreed to instruct personnel in the field to comply with the court order. an 83-year-old woman has died after being hit by a teenager on a skateboard.
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she was crossing the street when she was hit and knocked to the ground. the skateboarder was going 15 miles an hour at time. police did not arrest him. they did notify his parents and detectives are investigating. san francisco investigators are working on a pair of new leads tonight in yesterday's theft of a picasso drawing. police impounded the cab they believe the thief hailed after snatching the $200,000 piece off the wall. also surveillance video released from a security camera at lefty o'doull's shows a man who matches a description of the suspect all the way down to the picture frame under his arm. >> to steal picasso is brave, he is my favorite artist. we want to help out in the neighborhood and catch this guy. >> if you recognize the man from the video, contact the san francisco police department. investigators also plan to scrutinize security video from the impounded cab.
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don't expect to hail a cab early next month. san francisco taxi drivers are planning a 24 hour strike on august 2 and this time they are hoping muni operators will join them. last month the taxi drivers con converged on city hall and parked there for two hours. they are furious about a tracking system and a 5% fee for credit card transactions they say is excessive. >> it will be difficult to get a taxi to get to work in the morning and to get one in the evening. >> they want muni drivers to join them to send a stronger message to their shared boss. between 400 and 500 cabs are expected to be off the road again on august 2. we are getting a glimpse tonight into how a southwest airlines flight crew handled last april's frightening incident in the skies over arizona.
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flight 812 was traveling from phoenix to sacramento when a 6-foot hole opened up in the roof of the 737. the flight crew remained calm, cooley taking the plane down more than 20,000 feet in just five minutes. >> apparently we got a hole in the fuse lanl a in the back of the airplane. how far away is yuma right now? >> at your 3:00 position and 50 miles. >> we'll take yuma. >> none of the crew or passengers onboard suffered serious injuries. investigators believe a manufacturing defect caused the plane to peel apart. the incident prompted a careful inspection of the southwest fleet. other planes were found to have a fuselage crack. coming up, why tsa agents are being warned to watch for people who have had recent surgeries. also the sunning discovery that dozens of teachers have been changing student test scores. >> facebook a little more connected with its 750 million
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[ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. ber one. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. a terrifying possibility tonight about a new tactic by al-qaeda to kill airline passengers in the united states. they are called belly bomb is. explosives surgically implanted inside someone to be detonated in mid air. leslie brinkley is live at oakland international with this story. leslie? >> reporter: that's right, the tsa cent out new alerts today to airports in oakland, san francisco and san jose to be aware that at least security wise terrorists are now very interested in planting bombs in bodies. the reports of so called belly bombs led to an alert for increased scrutiny of passengers heading to the u.s. who appear to have had recent
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surgery. >> al-qaeda has been working on the idea of implanting bombs surgically inside human beings and may by now actually have done that. >> reporter: the tsa is warning that the surgically implanted bombs are clearly designed to get around most airport screening machines. >> we are treating the information seriously and sharing the information as a precautionary matter with our foreign counter parts and u.s. carriers that fly overseas. >> medical experts say this thr is plenty of room in the stomach area to hide a package of explosives the size of a grapefruit and would not be detected by a body scan. passengers at oakland international were talking about the new strategy. >> every time someone is putting on their shoes or some where else. we will probably have stomach
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scanners now. >> reporter: christopher flies overseas and says he is not intimidated. >> i think people are so desensitized to people attempting to blow things up that i don't think you will have mass his tearia. we will take it as one more attempt of trying to scare us into buying millions of more dollars in equipment to scan us. >> we take a chance with traveling just like we take a chance to drive to the grocery store that someone hasn't been drinking and isn't going to hit us with a car. everything you do is taking a chance in life. >> u.s. officials also emphasize there is no specific or imminent threat. just strictly that as passengers travel especially overseas they may notice additional or unusual security measures being taken. at oakland international airport, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. a marine corps helicopter crashed this afternoon at camp pendleton, killing one and injuring five others onboard.
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the chopper went down around noon in a mountainous area of the san diego county base. five others are still in the hospital tonight. there is no information being released about the injuries. the helicopter was a yankie huey and belonged to the third aircraft wing. a state investigation finds that teachers and administrators in atlanta, georgia, have been cheating big time. the school district is firing at least 178 teachers from 44 schools in atlanta because they changed their students' test scores. some even held weekend pizza parties to correct eaps sheets before they would return them in. the federal no child left behind policy is being blamed by some with the scandal. it closes schools with low test scores and rewards schools with high scores. it took more than 14 140 characters but president obama still made history by hosting
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the white house first ever twitter town hall. he answered 18 questions submitted by twitter users across the nation. the discussion centered around jobs, the economy and debt crisis. in one response president obama used some of his harshest language yet in the fight over the deficit. >> the debt ceiling should not be something that is used as a gun against the heads of the american people to extract tax breaks for corporate yet owners. >> president obama also took a question from house speaker john boehner about job growth. he will meet with congressional leaders tomorrow to continue the debate. well, if you liked it a little cooler you will lieblg it the next few days. >> it is really cooling down. spencer christian is here now. sorry, sandhya patel, of course. what am i thinking, sandhya? >> quite all right. it is going to cool off the next several days, especially
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over the weekend. today a typical summer time pattern jshes the fog near the coast. the thunderstorms developing in the se sierra, nevada, and the heed inland. close to triple digits in some locations. antioch 99 degrees. 98 concord, livermore. morgan hill was 98 degrees. the coastal areas comforted by the fog in the 60s today. the fog is prominent out there, especially along the coastline and around the bay from our high definition east bay hills camera you can see how pretty that fog is as it is rolling in. it has made it all the way out towards the east bay now in places like alameda and oakland. temperatures are falling. you can see, san francisco, mid 50s. oakland down to 58 degrees. well, inland we still have clear skies and warm conditions there with low to mid 70s. our highlights coastal fog tonight with mild temperatures. heat eases inland tomorrow and we are looking at cooler conditions area wide by the
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weekend. you will feel our natural air conditioning unit working this weekend. trust me on this one. low to mid 60s in the inland areas. most other location in the 50s. the fog around tomorrow morning. dense in half moon bay today. down to a quarter of a mile. keep that in mind in the morning as you head out the door. lower pressure inland will bring us the onshore flow again but tomorrow the difference is, it is going to be a bit breezier so the wind flow with bring the cooler air into the inland communities. not quite as hot inland, temperatures h actually drop. tomorrow morning look for the fog. maybe dense around the bay. the fog peels back but doesn't completely clear away from the coastline. inland areas, you will get up into the low 49ers. eventually drop down -- low 90s. eventually drop down to the 80.
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72 mill bray. upper 50s in places like pacifica where the fog is going to hang around most of the afternoon. downtown san francisco, south san francisco in the mid 60s. daily city you are used to this in the summer time. foggy and 60 degrees in the afternoon. 82 santa communities, 82 rosa. you get out towards the east bay, 71 oakland. 78 union city. head inland and it is not quite as steamy as what we have seen. 87 concord and danville. 90 livermore. 72 santa cruz. 72 degrees for watsonville. the giants game tomorrow, they take on the padres. partly cloudy. breezy conditions. upper 50s and then dropping to the mid 50s. take a sweater or jacket. accuweather seven-day forecast still warm inland but not quite as hot. low 60s at the beaches. much cooler by the weekend. and really into the first half of next week. mid 80s inland. we will go with upper 50s to low 60s at the coast.
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sigh in tifts are calling a powerful storm current pounding the planet saturn one of a kind. that noise you just heard is lightning striking the ringed planet. at the height of the storm the international cassini space craft detected ten lightning strikes per second. and these bursts are powerful. ten thousand times stronger than lightning on earth. back here on earth, pail alto based facebook is giving users a more personal way to stay in touch. they are offering video chatting through a a deal with skype. 750 million people now use facebook. facebook project manager johnny chen ex-chains how the new service works. >> start the video.
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and there we go. it is connecting. and then you wait for him. all right, there we go. >> last week, google introduced google plus its most serious challenge yet in social networking. it includes video chatting for ten people while facebook's video service is restricted to one on one chatting but it will be expanded no doubt. >> and here in person with us right now, mike shumann. >> with all of the sports. >> i can keep up with my daughter there. a play full of torture at at&t park. a little bit of everything including the suicide squeeze double play. you never see this, only with the giants. an unbelievable finish, next, in sports. -dad, why e you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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mmm. oh gosh. oh dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what. i've got news for you. there's no such thing... a bear sheriff. you think i'm afraid of you? hey what? you don't have to be mean to the ke. i do. you don't. i do. just eat yoplait light. they have great flavors like... boston cream pie, raspberry cheesecake. even though i work here, i've lost weight. wow. yeah. carry on. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. the torture continues. giernts tryingiants trying to r third straight loss to the padres. they knew where buster posey was. up in the booth. said his rehab is going well.
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giants missing his bat and glove. ryan ludwig doubles. bartlett scores. headley on his heels. play at the plate. he's in there. 4-1 game in the fourth. nate's fifth of the year makes it 4-3. he wasn't ton. pablo sandoval riding a 16 game hit streak. coming in to make it 17. torres scores. crawford behind him. ties the game at five in the 8th. see you. game winner! his first career walkoff homer. first career two-run home game. had two rbi. g-men win it. that is what you call a full plate of torture. a's and mariners. big day for scott sizemore. jason, vis thir his third of t.
11:30 pm
geguillermo perhaps the best ge of h his career. 7 shutout innings, 5 ks. seattle hitters baffled all afternoon. comes through again. base hit to center. scores pennington. high heat to end the 7th and fired up. combines with joey devine and andrew bailey to shut out seattle. 2-0 your final. women's world cup soccer action today. usa versus sweden. the loser gets the always dangerous brazil in the quarters. face painters out in force. 35th minute. sweden, lead, 1-0. sweden in front 2-0. bad luck for usa. usa makes it a game in the 67th minute. corner kick from lauren cheney. abbey sholders it in and a golden opportunity in the 86th minute but that is kelly
11:31 pm
o'hara. just misses. sweden beats uvmentd sa for the first time in world cup play, 2-1 your final. serious heat to beat john bush. check out the replay. look at the the movement on this thing. a slice we would would call that in golf. stage five of the tour de france. defending champ alberto con contador part of the pileup. that is not the only crash of the day. huzvogd remains the stage leader. >> i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn
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